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Our passion is Enterprise Angular Architecture

Angular Angular has proven to be a winner in front-end development frameworks and platforms. We were early adapters of AngularJS, and some of the first to explore the early beta versions of Angular 2. We utilize Angular (currently version 6) with every client project.

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Why wait for your Angular project to begin? Jump start your project with us while implementing best practices of Angular architecture that are proven to scale.

We help our clients solve the complex problems often encountered as they begin to architect and develop large, enterprise Angular applications that integrate with RESTful APIs as well as legacy systems. Whether you are designing a new API with our help or integrating with legacy and third party SaaS APIs - we will get you started today with a solid foundation to build upon.

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Companies we've worked with

smithsonian logo

Complete architecture, design and development of the Smithsonian Archives of American Art website and content management system (CMS).

farmers insurance logo

Complete architecture, design and development of Farmer Insurance's "Agency Builder" eLearning platform: an online sales training platform used by over 50,000 Farmers Insurance sales agents.

costco logo

Front-end development, middleware integration and migration to a new merchant services provider for Costco's newest cell phone and wireless contract ecommerce site.

dhi mortgage logo

Design and delivery of engaging, personalized, sales-focused email marketing promotions and sales agent personalized email blast engine.

caterpillar logo

Development, delivery, maintenance and support of a sales training learning management system and courseware.

sales performance international logo

Design, development, direction and shooting of online video sales training LMS, courseware and courses.

Sutton Yamanashi

Sutton Yamanashi

Principal Angular Architect

Angie Yamanashi

Angie Yamanashi

Creative Director

About Suttonsoft Angular Consulting

Since 2003, Suttonsoft has been delivering engaging digital experiences for our clients. We specialize in the design and development of user-friendly web and mobile applications. Pulling from over 18 years of experience and expertise, we offer custom web-based or mobile-based Angular applications that are beautifully branded and designed.

The Google Technology Stack

Suttonsoft has a long history using a variety of technologies. Today, we specialize in what we refer to as "The Google Stack", utilizing Google's revolutionary front-end and back-end technologies. Specifically, our technology stack consists of Google's ever-popular Angular 6 JavaScript framework driving the front-end combined with Google Cloud Firestore, Node.js and Google's extremely high performant 'Go' (a.k.a. Golang) cross-platform programing language on the back-end.

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The Suttonsoft headquarters is located in the sunny climate of Charlotte, NC.

Please send us an email to hello@suttonsoft.com or call us at 980-202-1649 to get started.

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